iShield Key Experience, Automated (PKI) Infrastructure, & GenAI Identity Attacks - Kevin Fadaie, Roni Bliss, David Mahdi - ESW Vault
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Jun 21, 2024

FIDO security keys are not new in the authentication workflow. They have been around now for 10 years. What is new is the combination of the most secure multi-factor authentication method not only for logical but also for physical access control with the highest FIPS140-3 security certification in the market.

Segment Resources: Video "Swissbit iShield Key Pro: Protecting Digital Identities"

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While AI artificial intelligence is up-and-coming, automating your organization's PKI infrastructure is very much a reality, and can help save your IT team on hardware costs and employee costs in the long term. Additionally, a powerful PKI-as-a-Service solution provides the cryptoagility your organization can rely on as artificial intelligence, post-quantum computing, and shortened certificate validity periods become reality.

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Cyberattacks, fraud and breaches, we’ve all studied them, and we are all aware that identity is under attack. And if we thought it was bad up until now, we haven't fully seen the impact of GenAI based identity attacks. Going beyond just Deepfakes, GenAI-powered malicious services such as FraudGPT, lets novices craft targeted and sophisticated attacks that bypass common IAM and security controls. Identity and security leaders must brace themselves for an increase in the volume, velocity and variety of attacks ("the three V's:). In this talk, former Gartner analyst David Mahdi and CIO of Transmit Security cover what you need to know about GenAI these attacks, and what you can do about it. Specifically, the types of attacks fraudsters are conducting across the identity lifecycle, insight into their tactics and services, and finally recommendations for a path forward.

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