Windows Login Bypass
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How often have you found yourself in the frustrating scenario of attempting to log into your computer, only to realize you’ve forgotten the password? It’s a common occurrence, particularly for those of us who utilize Virtual Machines for Penetration Testing or day-to-day tasks. Managing multiple Windows machines becomes a necessity, but as time elapses between uses, recalling specific passwords can be challenging.

While the ideal solution involves employing a reliable password manager, there are instances where one might not be available or overlooked. Fear not, as this paper aims to guide you through the process of regaining access to your machine without losing valuable work. Additionally, these techniques can prove invaluable for accessing forgotten passwords on other Windows systems, even the family computer.

we will explore practical methods to navigate past Windows login obstacles, ensuring you regain control without sacrificing productivity. Remember, in the ever-evolving landscape of technology, knowledge is the key to overcoming unforeseen challenges.

1. Create a Kali Linux Live USB:

Begin by creating a bootable Kali Linux USB. Visit the official Kali Linux website ( and follow the provided instructions to create a live USB. This process is straightforward and accessible to anyone with basic computer skills.

2. Reboot the Windows PC:

Insert the Kali Linux Live USB into the Windows PC and proceed to reboot the system. Ensure that the USB drive is connected during the reboot process.

3. Boot into Kali Linux:

As the system restarts, access the boot menu or BIOS settings to select the option to boot from the USB drive. This will initiate the Kali Linux live environment, allowing us to interact with the Windows file system.

4. Navigate to the SAM Database:

Once in the Kali Linux environment, navigate to the Windows SAM database located at Windows/system32/config. The Security Accounts…